Our mission is to provide a safe place for normal adolescent expression. We will build self-esteem through mental health promotion, cooperative learning and sharing, and deviate youth from drug use, crime and violence, and other delinquent behaviors. We will provide positive peer interactions and appropriate adult role modeling. We will promote self-determination and self-respect. We will help youth gain a sense of belongingness, identity, and autonomy. In turn, youth will learn to respect others and resolve conflict without violence and/or self-deprecating acts. Moreover, T-MAC will promote community, social, and political awareness. Teens will become empowered to make changes within their power and control. They will also learn how to raise the consciousness of others and build solid careers. Community resources, referrals, and other interactions are also important to our mission.

Youth will become action oriented and change agents for themselves and their neighborhoods. Youth can begin to break the chains and images of destruction by taking control over their own lives and becoming leaders not followers. Education, conflict management, cultural diversity, social engagement, and drug diversion techniques all play critical roles in achieving our mission.