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Combating Teen Delinquency in an Apartment Setting: Through Village Building, by Sheila Morris, Psy.D., T-MAC’s founder, is now available for purchase. The book is a guide for youth leaders interested in creating a youth program for youth residing in the same apartment building/complex.

The manual offers step-by-step suggestions on how to help youth create their own social clubs, including how to get youth involved, how to conduct elections, fundraising, increase social awareness, and become more proactive in changing the condition of their lives.

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T-MAC (Teens Making A Change) is a community-based teen delinquency prevention and intervention program under the directorship of Dr. Sheila Morris, PsyD. Located in the city of Lancaster, CA, in the sprawling Antelope Valley, we are dedicated to combating teen delinquency in various neighborhood settings through mental health awareness, social/environmental engagement, financial wealth, and political activism. T-MAC is a youth group consisting of males and females ranging in age from 12 to 19. Group members are diverse in ethnicity; however they are predominantly African American and Latino.

T-MAC serves as a place for teenage expression and adventure in the midst of declining economics and dwindling resources. T-MAC helps provide a cushion for the often-difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood. Primarily, the group deals with mental health, delinquent behavioral issues and how it affects the lives of inner city and urban youth. Through providing a place for teens to discuss issues important to them as well as promoting leadership and a sense of belonging, T-MAC has the potential to be the ideal prevention/intervention program for apartment living, school-based, and neighborhoods.

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